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Wedding Refreshment Expertise in Portland, Maine

If you need wedding services in Portland, Maine, to help you choose refreshments for your big day, we are here to help. Friendly Discount Beverage (207) 747-5754, offers wedding services to find the perfect refreshments. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help guide you through the extensive choices of champagne, wine, and beer.

Friendly Discount Beverage is sure to match you with the ideal refreshments to suit your dream wedding and reception. Call us today for more information!

Meet Our Special Orders Manager at Friendly Discount Beverage

At Friendly Discount Beverage, we provide specialized care for each wedding we service. Sam’s wife, Radhika, handles all wedding beverage orders while keeping superior customer service in mind. Fully dedicated to special orders, she makes sure that everything is in perfect order for your special day. Contact Radhika for your special wedding orders today!

Friendly Discount Beverage

Radhika Shah

Phone: (478) 320-0321

Email: [email protected]

Your dream wedding awaits! Call Sam and Radhika at Friendly Discount Beverage for refreshments and wedding services
in Portland, Maine.

Wedding Beverage Connoisseur Sam Patel Can Enhance Your Special Day

Congratulations are in order! Your wedding is a day to treasure for a lifetime but sometimes the planning is overwhelming. Friendly Discount Beverage in Portland, Maine, helps make the preparations more enjoyable by assisting with navigating the logistics with our experience.

While planning your wedding, exploring choices for the champagne, wine, or beer you choose to serve should not be stressful. Our trained connoisseur, Sam Patel, has the connections, experienced advice, and options to make your beverage planning easy and enjoyable. Sam has the expertise to assist you with:

  • Selecting beverages with personal connections, such as old-time favorites that bring back great memories
  • Finding the perfect drinks to pair with your appetizer, dinner, and dessert
  • Exploring a variety of choices with tastings in your price range
  • Discovering new options, including color, grapes, and vintages
  • Choosing a beverage with an appropriate alcohol content
  • …and more.

To schedule an appointment with Sam, contact Friendly Discount Beverage today.

Beverage Selections for Weddings in Portland, Maine

Friendly Discount Beverage has an array of drink options. From fine wine to quality sake and everything between, we are sure to have something to suit your fancy. Browse the list of just some of the refreshments we have to offer below.

Bottled and boxed, domestic and foreign, Friendly Discount Beverage can help you find the perfect wine for your special day. With a wide range of flavor profiles, there is something here for everyone. Contact Sam at Friendly Discount Beverage today to get started.

If you are searching for beer options for your wedding day, look no further than Friendly Discount Beverage. We provide a large selection of brews and proudly offer local selections from some of Maine’s top breweries. Offering domestic, national and international crafts, as well as ciders, we have the brews you love for your wedding celebration.

A traditional Japanese wine, sake is a fantastic option to pair with wedding meals. Friendly Discount Beverage provides one of the largest selections of high-quality sake around. We can help you navigate through the options to find a sake variety that meets your expectations. For help with choosing your perfect match, call Sam at Friendly Discount Beverage today.

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